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Great Ways To Keep Your Guests Entertained During Photos

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

Cocktail hour is an essential part of your wedding day as it gives your photographer time to capture shots of the couple and their wedding party. But if you're nervous about guests feeling bored while they wait for the bride and groom to make their grand entrance, there are fun activities you can plan for them while they wait—especially if you're heading off-site for more than an hour. A full bar and great appetizers are sure to please your friends and family, but the addition of games and activities will surely make you the best host ever. Here, we share eight great ways to keep your guests occupied while you're off taking photos.

Lawn Games

Encourage guests to mingle with each other during outdoor cocktail hour. Go beyond the quintessential corn hole and do a series of lawn games so more guests can participate. We suggest Bocce Ball, Giant Jenga, or [create] a customized crossword puzzle about you and your future spouse

Mix It Up

Upgrading your bar selection is sure to be a hit with your guests, Nichols says. Hiring a mixologist can offer up new cocktails while also teaching your guests about craft drinks—as well as history behind drinks special to your location. Interacting with your guests, while educating them about their favorite drink is a sure fire way to keep your guests engaged during the cocktail hour.

Read All About It

In lieu of traditional programs, create a custom newspaper of the story of the both of you as a couple. Not only is it informative, but also a way to show the connections that the couple has to each attendant.

Get Crafty

Make your cocktail hour activity a little more permanent by establishing a fabric station where guests can write well wishes on squares to be included in a quilt that you'll cherish throughout your marriage. The options of crafting during cocktail hour are as endless as your creativity.

Cozy Up

Cocktail hour is a steadfast tradition, Nichols says, and your guests will expect to catch up with friends and family during that time. Waiting becomes an inconveniencemonly when wedding guests don't have ample places to sit, food to eat, or a great drink to enjoy. Creating lounge spaces allow the wedding guests to gather in a comfortable place, sit down momentarily and relax together while waiting for the wedding party to arrive.

Hire a Pro

Photo booths can be fun. And of course good music provided by Rat Pak Mobile DJ's is a must!

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