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The Playlist

You want the day to be perfect. You've been planning for months. You've got the venue, cake, photographer, DJ etc. all lined up! But you also want the perfect playlist for the reception. You spend hours picking all of your favorite songs from when you were little, from high school, from college etc. You compile them all and give them to your DJ. This is where you separate a good DJ from a bad one. Both will take your list and smile. The bad DJ will just go by the playlist they are given regardless of the reactions of the guests at your reception.

A good DJ will take your playlist and review it with you to make sure that they give you and your guests the best experience possible.

It's a wedding reception. You're there. Your parents are there, grandparents too. Your cousins came and brought their teenage kids. Your friends from college are all there, some of them brought their little kids. You get the picture. Now you have a room full of people from all walks of life and all age groups. Your playlist should reflect that.

Are line dances like the Cha Cha Slide, and the Cupid Shuffle a little bit cheesy? Of course they are. But it's fun, everyone knows them and they get people on the floor dancing and having a good time.

Everyone has their own specific tastes. You and your spouse to be may be into heavy metal. And that's perfectly fine. It's your day and you should definitely hear some of your favorite selections. But you should be mindful that all of your guests aren't into the same things, you should allow your DJ to fish around to figure out what music everyone is enjoying.

A good DJ wants you to have a great time at your reception. A good DJ also knows that making sure all of your guests are having a great time will go a very long way towards achieving that first objective.

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