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The Chicken Dance. The Cha Cha Slide, YMCA....these and songs like them can be polarizing subjects when planning your wedding playlist. We get it, some of those songs can be cheesy. Some you may not like because they get played at EVERY WEDDING. We know, believe us, we play them ALLOT. The reason we do that is because they generally work. People get up and dance and sing and play along which is what a party is all about right?

Many people have convinced themselves that they can't dance. (some of them are correct) And since they are convinced they may be a bit self conscious about going out there and shaking their groove thing. But with those infamous group dance songs it takes the guess work out for them. They don't need to know a special move if they are clearly being told to stomp their right foot two times and then everybody claps their hands. Everybody is doing it and there's no need to be self conscious. Who knows it might even build them up enough to hang out on the dance floor for a couple of songs!

You've got little kids at the reception? They LOVE all of those types of songs, they learn them in school, they will be happy to show their stuff on the floor with all the grown ups. Baby Shark? Yeah I know it's stuck in my head now just because I typed the title. But it's worth putting up with it for those 2 minutes to see the kids go crazy and their parents interact with them because it's something you know they do at home.

Wedding receptions are a mash-up of demographics. They cross generational and cultural lines. But some songs cross all of those lines and check all of those boxes. And if you choose the right DJ, (ahem, there's a Contact Us link on the menu bar) They might even get out there and show the guests that don't know the group dances. Don't let your Do Not Play list stand in the way of your guests having a good time.


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