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The DJ: An essential part of the big day!

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

Many, many times I hear the statement “I found a DJ for $500 at the bridal show and I think we will go with him”.  When I hear this, my first question is why that DJ?  Almost always when they say this first sentence, the next sentence is “because we don’t want to pay too much for the DJ”.  While I can of course understand the need to be frugal, this is probably the number one mistake I see clients make when it comes to choosing the DJ for their wedding reception.

A wedding DJ (disc jockey) has become so much more than the person who stands behind the speakers and plays music.  When choosing your DJ, keep in mind that this is your master of ceremonies.  This person will guide you and your guests through the wonderful reception you have planned, from introducing you and your new husband, to letting your guests know when the food is served, to entertaining them and keeping them on the dance floor into the late night.  Their skills behind the microphone and choosing music is truly a talent.

Think about it:  the DJ is the one wedding vendor who can literally drive your guests out of the building.  Yes, the food could be bad, but that just means everyone will be picking up another meal on the way home.  If your DJ is horrible, they can literally have your guests fleeing from the event and of course, it will definitely be the talk at the water cooler the next morning.  Consider this comment one of my clients left on Facebook when discussing the garter toss:  “I was at a wedding and the DJ does the screeching music stop and goes ‘Whoa, slow down buddy! She’s not gonna like that speed later tonight!'”.  Is that really what you want your guests to be talking about the next morning?

Consider more than the price when choosing the entertainment for your wedding.  Look for a personality, attitude and knowledge of music that matches the ambiance you want to create for your special day.  Think about what value you would place on the mood you want to create, then look at the investment cost the DJ is asking of you.  You will not regret your choice if you take all of these details account and balance them according to your needs.

Happy Planning!

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