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Born a farmer in northern Indiana, Nick spun his way into the DJ life known as DJ Powder. From couch cushions and records to CDJs and videos, DJ Powder brings the party to life in a whole new way. 

DJ Powder is one of Indiana's up and coming top DJs. Powder started as a break dancer in 1995 with the notorious Rat Pak B-boy Crew. Breaking taught Powder how to follow a beat providing a path to DJing. In 2001, Powder was in Vincennes, IN going to school and getting serious about DJing - learning how to match a beat and simple scratches. In a dorm room practicing, his confidence built up enough to branch out to perform at house parties. 

In 2008, Powder was nominated by the community as one of the top DJs in Tippecanoe County. In 2011, Powder was recognized as the top DJ in the Greater Lafayette Area by the Journal & Courier. In 2012, Rat Pak was recognized as the small business of the month by the Greater Lafayette Chamber. 

DJ Powder has been in the club/music scene for more than 13 years, expanding boundaries and reaching new extremes. DJ Powder also performs at weddings, corporate events, school dances and private parties. DJ Powder has performed at places and events including: Zero Gravity (Merriville, IN), The Vogue (Indianapolis, IN), Seven (Indianapolis, IN), the Neon Cactus (West Lafayette, IN), Purdue's Exclusive Fashion Show, and has collaborated with Miller Lite at all three major race events at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. In 2009, he booked for events featuring Tippy 1 and Tippy 2 Dance hall (Heartbreaker int), Invasion Lafayette Theaters young adult club, Matt Mitrione, Purdue Football (WAZY), Ying Yang Twins, Zoso (Led Zeppelin tribute), Bad (Michael Jackson tribute) & Bad Boy Bill. In 2010 he added Project Pat and BoysLikeGirls to the roster while continuing to do Where Else? Friday nights. Recently Powder has booked Moe’s Cantina and John Barleycorn in Wrigleyville, Chicago. 

The construction of an empire continues here at Rat Pak Mobile. Competing with some of the top DJ's and the quick changing market, DJ Powder gets behind two turntables and turns the volume up to rock a crowd every weekend.

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